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We are socializing the world of investing by making opinion, sentiment and information sharing more accessible and fun for everyone.

At Guavy our core mission is to help you improve your trading experience and outcomes

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Share, rate and curate links to any web content.

Participate in insightful conversations, get content recommendations and live market pricing.

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Sentiment & analysis

Through user interactions and our own analysis we reveal the sentiment, tone and overall attitude of traders toward a particular stock or the financial markets in general.

Market predictions

Guavy users make thousands of predictions on hundreds of stocks each week.

We track each of these predictions and compare them to live market outcomes, thereby building a track record for each user and company.

Over time clear winners emerge.

Guavy makes it easy to follow those users who have demonstrated greater foresight and get notified when they make new predictions

Live market pricing

The Guavy app includes live market pricing that is delayed no more than 15 minutes for all stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and market indexes in North America during normal market hours.

Shared content

The Guavy network never sleeps.

Users are always busy finding, sharing and commenting on the most important news, press, videos and announcements about publicly traded companies around the world.


Our crypto dashboard includes up to the minute market prices and details for thousands of cryptocurrencies.

Get live analysis for each currency including recent headlines, sentiment and mining information.

Get informed, get connected

We help facilitate the exchange of news, predictions, and opinions between all users on our platform

Market insights
We analyze every prediction, rating, comment and extract sentiment that reflects predictive market moves for every stock.
Find & follow
Leaderboards, user profiles, shares, and discussions, make it easy to discover the most effective traders.
Customize your user persona, select the stocks and companies you're interested in through notifications and our news feed.
Receive notifications when a stock changes in price or when a user creates a new prediction.

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